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Family In Safe

A perfect way to share your location privately. Stay connected with your close ones. No matter where you are.

Imagine your home. There only you and your loved ones. You can talk to each other, discuss something, share your thoughts, tasks and other stuff. Did you imagine this place? Good. Family In Safe app is your home online – your family hub. Invite only people that matter and stay close to them no matter where you are.

  • Track the location of your dearest ones

  • Send emergency alert signals

  • Create and share to-do lists

  • Chat safely with your family

  • See sex-offenders on the map

  • Create geofences


CARZAR is a mobile marketplace for private-party used cars.

CARZAR mobile wizard allows sellers to create a free, beautiful listing in less than 4 minutes and upload into a private and transparent marketplace.

Fast search and push notifications help buyers find the car they’re looking for. Both parties use in-app messaging and private calling to finalize the deal.


Spottle is a geo based messenger for local businesses
With Spottle, you can catch the customers on the go, at zero cost marketing!

  • HUGE BASE. All the information about the newest and best restaurants

  • OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS. Receive unique special offers simply strolling about.

  • REMOTE MENU. Take a look at menu of a restaurant / cafe / bar without dropping in at it.

  • DETAILED ROUTE. Learn where is required store located and use Spottle to get there.

  • TABLE RESERVATION. Make a table reservation in your favorite restaurant by sending a message in chat.

  • BOOK OF COMPLAINTS. Use chat with manager as e-book of complaints and suggestions.


Viewaide – is a complex solution for preventing eyestrain.

Software, which detects symptoms of eye fatigue in real-time and displays tips for reducing eyestrain. The product based on eye-tracking technology using a web-cam;

Web-service, which use application data for gathering and analyzing statistics, sending weekly reports and developing personal eye gymnastics

  • Viewaide has personal approach to the each user and customizable workflow conectur

  • You will get real-time notifications, if your eyes are in danger

  • Collect your own statistics to keep eyes healthy

  • Get informative reports with statistics and summary of gathered information every week

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